Turkey is an important textile market

Turkey is an important textile market

In recent years Turkey’s textile industry has been a steady investor in the state-of-the-art textile machinery. Therefore the most significant textile machinery manufacturers will look forward as exhibitors to ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 from April 21 – 24 in Istanbul. Among these exhibitors we do find also Swiss Rieter Machinery Work with three stands

According to ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation’s Country Statements 2011 and World Bank Statistics and for the year of 2010 (latest figures) the Turkish added value in % of GDP settled at 9.01 %, the figure for agriculture was 9.6 % and for the industrial sector 26.65 % and 63.75 % for services. The total added value export of goods and serviced declined by 5.52 % (total export volume USD 114 billion or + 11.6 %) and in contrast added value of imports of those two categories improved by 24.65 % whereas imports were up 31.7 %. The resulting negative trade balance widened by 84.8 % to USD 71.7 billion or the largest ever trade result in Turkey. Unemployment declined by 11.9 % to 3046000 whereas 22594000 people enjoyed employment.

The industrial production index for the Turkish textile industry was 12.0 % negative in 2009 and 9.6 % positive for 2010 whereas the clothing industries figures was -8.5 % in 2009 and +8.2 %. The capacity utilisation rate in the textile industry was increasing from 2009 67.6 % to 2010 77.3 % and in the clothing industry from 68.1 % to 75.3 %. In 2010 283200 short staple spindles and 35196 long staple spindles as well as 10444 open end rotors and 684 shuttle less looms were imported in 2010. Textile exports in value terms and in 2010 were up 18.2 % to USD 7.62 billion and clothing exports increased by 10.5 % to USD 14.24 billion and both categories increase by 13.1 % to USD 21.87 billion. Also textile imports grew by 44.7% to USD 9.26 billion and clothing imports by 33.8 to USD 2.69 billion and both categories increased 42.1 % to USD 11.95 billion. In 2010 6500000 ring spindles and 600000 OE rotors were installed. The total employment of the textile industry amounted to 1.9 million people working 2062 hours per year. The cotton fibre production amounted to 1.02 million metric tons and chemical fibres to 152000 metric tons. The cotton spun yarn production amounted to 985’000 metric tons and cotton fabric production to 510000 metric tons.

Rieter’s first stand will present the C 70 high-performance card destined for outstanding quality at highest productivity for all yarn applications. Further on presentation is the K 45 compact spinning machine (and successor of the K 44) with a machine length of up to 1632 spindles and setting new standards for perfect compacting. The company is also referring to spare parts and retrofitting.


Rieter will show not only machines but also products from the four Rieter spinning systems (ring, compact, rotor and air-jet spinning) in the Swissmem Pavilion) and at two stands.



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