New cooperative design studio in Beijing, China

New cooperative design studio in Beijing, China

Color Solutions International (CSI) a subsidiary of DyStar Group and TASCII of Tsinghua University in Beijing have just opened a jointly a design studio in Beijing, China


The studio is designed to serve as training, resource and inspiration centre for both the professors and designers. It is located on the premises of Tsinghua University’s Art & Science Centre and is as well serving as a base for the strategic partnership to facilitate colour research, application and communications for the textile industry. The partnership aims to enhance current technology and application standard for colours within the Chinese textile industry and to improve its sustainability and competitiveness. With this joint venture CSI will introduce its colour communication tools and technology to students, and to give young designers the ultimate start in using colour the right way. At the same, it forms part of the DyStar strategy to make its and CSI brand names in China well known as the leading communicator of colour within the domestic textile and design industry. Song WenWen, Deputy Director of TASCII stated that “the university is the nurture top designers and the CSI design studio is the ideal sustainable platform where students, professors and designers can benefit from around 4000 CSI colour references and its service from scratch, namely from first inspiration to colour selection to production and the final product in the store. By teaming up between the two bodies will be beneficial also to students and professors from other faculties, such as the department of textiles and the seminars organised”. DyStar Textile Services offers colour communication through Color Solutions International and textile and ecology testing through Texanlab. More can be had from the from the following internet addresses.

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