How wind turbine blades are manufactured (video!)

How wind turbine blades are manufactured (video!)

We all know that wind turbine blades are manufactured with reinforcing carbon fibres but how many of you know how this process is really working?

BASF the German chemical company with global activities uses in addition innovative solutions to enhance the performance and efficiency of modern wind turbines may it be in the use of epoxy systems for heavy-duty fibre-reinforced components, coatings for wind turbine blades, foams for the internal strengthening of rotor blades, special grouting mortars or concrete additives for the production of ultra-high strength foundations and towers, or lubricants for gearboxes, all from one hand that has a name BASF. And those products all have to be functional and to last for at least 20 years under heavy duty (at the tip of the rotor blade the speed averages around 280 km/h and in perpetual motion.

Yes, but this does not give you an idea of how the production of turbine blades are working. Just take a short four minutes and revert to the link below and you will see the video cast “Perpetual motion on the Skyline” with comment in English by a technician from BASF and of the female manager from Enercon GmbH, a German manufacturer of wind plants. You will witness what all is needed to make such a high-tech and perfect wind turbine. The second address will show list the products for wind energy BASF is offerings. We feel sure that you will enjoy the short video insight.

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