ICCTM approved Cotton Testing Instruments

ICCTM approved Cotton Testing Instruments

The non-profit technical Committee of International (ICCTM) of ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation has approved at its plenary meeting and thus officially two cotton testing instruments

The two instruments are FIBROTEST by Textechno (D) and Premier aQura by Premier Evolvics (IND). FIBROTEST is a testing device for the determination of the length distribution and the fibre bundle strength/elongation of short staple fibres, especially cotton, in a direct measurement as well as in HVICCS calibrated mode and is manufactured by German Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH. Premier aQura 2 is an instrument used for testing the length and nep properties of cotton fibre materials at various process stages including raw cotton and slivers as well as other processing stages and outputs and is manufactured by Indian Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd.

The full recognition of the two cotton testing instruments means that according to the ICCTM that the instrument manufacturers have been providing sufficient information and results from instrument comparison of multiple testing units in order to assess whether the instruments can be usefully applied in textile mills or for research purposes.

Full details of the two instruments and their manufacturers can be had from the following websites.




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