America’s most active websites

America’s most active websites

Do you know the most visited websites in the USA, or in your country? Well, most don’t know but we have a lot of information on the users of websites but now there is a list of the most active websites in the States

You might suggest who is number one? Yes, it is Google (founded 1998; sales USD 37.5 billion) with close to 184.2 million visitors, followed by YouTube (founded 2005, sales USD 1.6 billion) with 159.98 million visitors, then Facebook (founded 2004, sales 3.7 million) with 149.49 million, (founded 1994, sales USD 48 billion) with 99.37 million, Yahoo (founded 1995, sales USD 5 billion) with a little over 94.8 million, Twitter (founded 2006, sales USD 2.5 billion) with 90,79 million, MSN (founded 1995, sales 2.5 billion) with 78.01 million, (founded 2001, sales USD 20 million) with 77.35 million, (founded 2003, sales USD 10 million) with 63.93 million and (founded 1975, sales USD 69.9 billion with 61,98 million visitors.

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