With textile and nonwovens in the upwind

With textile and nonwovens in the upwind

Austrian Lenzing Group has achieved for the first time in 2011 a turnover over EUR 2 billion and also other record key figures with its textiles and nonwoven business

Lenzing Group’s consolidated 2011 turnover increased by 21.2 % to EUR 2.14 (EUR 1.77) billion and EBITDA by 45.3 % to EUR 480.3 (EUR 330.6) million thus with a margin that increased from 18.7 % to 22.4 %. The group employed 6593 (6530) people. The fibres Lenzing Modal® (+30 %) und TENCEL® (around + 40 %) were the main drivers of the business and also total group production capacity has increased by 8% to 770’000 t/yr. In 2011 also debt was further reduced to EUR 159.1 (EUR 307.2) million.

It is noteworthy that according to estimates the 2011 global fibre production advanced by 4.1 % to the new record level of 79.1 million tons and man-made cellulose fibres were at another record level of 4.6 million tons (+4.2 %).

The company is rather optimistic for 2012 and is expecting higher prices for standard viscose fibres as in the first quarter of the ongoing year for both textile and nonwoven applications and Modal® will continue to produce volume ensuring a fair price premium against standard viscose fibres but due to the considerable increase of supply temporary price adjustments as against 2011 will occur. There will be a strong ongoing demand for TENCEL® both for textile and nonwoven applications at largely stable prices including a premium against standard viscose fibres.


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