Rules for others but exceptions for one self

Rules for others but exceptions for one self

America is sometimes called the cop of the world and demanding from other strict rules for conduct of business but taking exceptions for itself. The Department of Defence issues contracts prohibiting manufacturers from employing prison labour but on the other hand it is obliged by law to order certain clothing and textile items from Federal Prison Industries (Unicor) in the USA

A few months ago Unicor has been awarded a firm-fixed price contract with a maximum sum of USD 14,92 million (2012-13) for universal camouflage pattern and multi-cam pattern extreme cold wet weather trousers for the US Army and the location of performance is Kentucky. Nine prisons answered the call for execution up to May 2013.

The American Textile Association raised the question why should 6505 federal convicts be fully employed in regional areas of 10 % or more unemployment? According to 2009 official statistics prisoners achieved sales of clothing and textiles in the amount of USD 262.7 million and earning a profit of USD 36 (USD 60) million. The organisation is additionally wondering if it would not be better to source such items to 6505 tax paying, sewing and manufacturing people who may be unemployed and especially under the aspect that the quality of delivered items manufactured by prisoner is not matching the demanded standard. Therefore every year the army has to recall a high number of items. Additionally the overall employment of textile, apparel and furnishing workers is expected to lose 71500 jobs and it seems a sort of strange that those have to be supported by the government and on the other hand this government gives work to prisoners delivering poor quality instead of placing orders for qualified workers and specialised companies delivering the quality standards really required?

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