New Silicone Water-Reppellent with softness effect

New Silicone Water-Reppellent with softness effect

American Dow Corning Textile & Leather Solutions offers a new silicone water repellent technology for application with softness effect in outer- and active wear

The new product is DWR-7000 Soft Hydro Guard (silicon-based technology emulsion) and its application allows manufacturers of sports and recreation apparel to achieve excellent water repellency and improved softness for their products and most textile substrates, particularly cellulosic and blends, all without the use of fluorine, solvents or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) and it does not require heat reactivation or additional performance extenders, softeners and lubricants. The new formula resists at least 30 home laundry wash times and is thus equal or better than standard water repellent finishing systems. In addition silicones exhibit no adverse toxicological effects or evidence of bioaccumulation and have no effects on soil-living species or on crop growth. The new product will be launched at the AATCC 2012 International Conference March 21 – 23, 2012.

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