Global filtration centre in Italy

Global filtration centre in Italy

Finnish Ahlstrom Corporation (high-performance materials) has chosen Torino, Italy as location for its global filtration technical centre.

Ahlstrom has been investing in testing and processing equipment in its Global Filtration Technical Centre in Italy during 2011. Today the state-of-the art centre is equipped with various filtration testing and simulation equipment. The centre can test finished filters and flat sheet configurations and the testing facility will focus on R&D for all transportation, air and liquid filtration applications. It provides further access to pleaters and processing equipment to build prototypes and simulate real life filtration conditions to achieve the specific performance qualities needed for filtration norms and applications. With the new centre the company is enhancing collaboration with customers and jointly will pursue to develop the next generation filtration ideas.

Ahlstrom is according to in-house information the world’s largest filtration material producer and has five other Technical Centres in North and South America and Asia offering R&D global support for testing and development of filter media.

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