German SAMPE-Innovation award bestowed to ITA student

German SAMPE-Innovation award bestowed to ITA student

The innovation award from German SAMPE is an important encouraging instrument for encouraging young academics and it honours outstanding scientific work for innovative textile material applications, new processes or material composites and it was repeatedly bestowed to a student of German ITA the Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen

The ITA-student award winner , Sebastian Hertle – under academic supervision by Prof. Gries, Head of ITA and ITA’s doctoral candidate Dipl.Ing. Benedikt Wendland – was bestowed for his project “New method for meshing and calculation of 3D woven fabrics for composite applications”. His research work was performed in the framework of the 3rd public funded ERA-SME project “Multi-Rapier”, a joint research Belgian/German project. 3D-textiles are suited for various industrial segments such as engineering, aviation, automotives and ballistic protection.

Prof. Frank Henning congratulates Sebastian Hertle

The price winner has achieved a drastic reduction of the calculation time from 6.5 hours to only 5 seconds and memory volume from 1.16 GB to 2.78 MB. This outstanding result derives from using one-dimensional beam elements instead of volume elements. The interaction of yarns or beam elements is given by a spring-damper model. The new method prevents instability by using 3D yarns in composites. Sebastian Hertle will present his findings at the next SAMPE Europe conference.

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