Quick reaction – textile waste on offer

Quick reaction – textile waste on offer

All LookChina Inc. (marketing natural , renewable and innovative textiles since 1998) is quick in its reaction to changing prices might it be cotton or gas prices and they offer recycled textile waste at interesting prices

Among the latest offer one finds bulks of laminated fibreglass trims generated from US Ford car maker to be reused in automotive, building constructions, airplane and boats, containers of US short cotton fibre, Poly and PP mixed and recycled shoddy fibre and US poly/cotton woven and knitted trim waste. As well are on offer in containers: US assorted colour and fibre content non-woven fabric trim waste, nylon purge and Nylon fibre waste, US made apparel woven and knitted fabric on rolls and China made OE Poly/cotton recycled yarn, nylon carpet waste and cotton/p0oly textile waste from East Europe, South/Latin American and Russia. Most of it can be had from warehouses either in the USA, in China or some other place. Since there is little public attention given to this sector we only once present this side of the textile business.

For further details please refer to the following website.


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