New frequency controlled motor-driven anti-patterning package

New frequency controlled motor-driven anti-patterning package

Swiss Rieter Machinery is launching an improved package build with anti-patterning control (APC) offering distinctive advantages

Rieter's upgrade packageThe new package responds to the requirement of higher draw off speeds in weaving and knitting thus optimal package build is becoming increasingly important as well as preventing pattern winding results in improved take-off behaviour in downstream processing. Electronic anti-patterning like the one in Rieter’s R 40 rotor spinning machine (Version4) is demonstrating its outstanding qualities. Customers making actually use of R 1, R 20 and R 40 Version 1 to 3) are now in a position to benefit from this innovation by retrofitting their plants with the new AOC upgrade package. More specific technical details can be had from the following website address.

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