How to attract young engineers

How to attract young engineers

Especially in industrialised countries it becomes very difficult to find young engineers and qualified staff but many companies are looking for new recruiting methods to attract young people to engineering

US Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (73000 employees, 53 manufacturing sites in 22 countries and two innovation centres one at the home base in Akron, Ohio and the other in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg), one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers arranges on April 28, 2012 the 12th annual Engineering Career Day under the motto students from across North East Ohio will get excited on engineering, because nowadays many students seem to bypass engineering because they consider the studies as too difficult. The American company does everything to surprise the students that engineering can be fun and that in tyre production the brightest minds are needed. The event registration for students and schools is free and every participant will receive a complimentary lunch and a t-shirt.

High school seniors can compete for one of five scholarships of USD 2500 to USD 5000 and individual schools can win up to USD 10000 grants by participating in a competition including the submission of a short video to explain how their school would make use of the grant money to strengthen its engineer related programs.

Also a world known international company in the nutrition field Swiss Nestlé is developing young engineering talent in Nigeria and is offering a group of five (totalling 16 students) the opportunity to gain internatinal experience at its operations in Switzerland. Their four months schoalrship willl be partly sponsored by the Swiss government in a first-of-its-kind agreement between Switzerland and an African coutnry and has to be seen as a contibution to the technological development in Nigeria. Five students out of 16 will be selected to study for an engineering certificate at Nestlé’s new “Technical Trainng Center” in Agbara, Nigeria and in a multi-skilled program.

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