Long lasting Hong Kong tailor made suit tradition

Long lasting Hong Kong tailor made suit tradition

For many years Hong Kong’s bespoke tailored clothing tradition is known and their “flying” tailors are setting up shop in local European and American city hotels to take measure of their customers

The tailors offer a large variety of fabrics for suits, overcoats or shirts. They will be tailor made with details according to your personal requirements and taste and sent to your own door in just a few weeks. For example two suits and four dress shirts cost USD 899.

However these days there is also local European and American competition because there are tailors offering the same service and they have an advantage because they are located right on the spot able to deliver in a much shorter time, however probably with a higher price tag! This is why some of the regular tailor visits from Hong Kong are more carefully planned and take place at locations where competition is not so keen.


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