Oerlikon Textile presents its 2011 results

Oerlikon Textile presents its 2011 results

2011 has been an excellent year for Oerlikon Textile (textile machinery) in view to turnover and operational result, however order intake and order backlog were decreasing as reported before

Oerlikon Textile forming part of Oerlikon Group reports total sales of CHF 2037 (CHF1653) million or +21 %. The order intake amounted to CHF 1977 (CHF 2509) million or -21 % and the order backlog has been 12 % lower and fell from CHF 1197 to CHF 1053 million however this means that the backlog is reaching into 2014. The EBITDA increased from CHF 96 to CHF 233 million and the operating result EBIT from CHF 21 to CHF 183 million. R&D expenses decreased slightly from CHF 75 to CHF 72 million and restructuring costs fell from CHF five to CHF one million and the number of employees declined from 6294 to 6230.

The company’s growth is based mainly on sales successes in China, India, Europe, Turkey, South America and to a minor extent also in the U.S. and the business in the Middle East remained stable. Also 2012 the management is betting foremost on Asian markets and we know that they transferred their headquarters to Shanghai. In addition we wish to recall that Oerlikon Textile has simplified its structure, merging five business units into three: Oerlikon Barmag and Neumag have been combined to become Manmade Fibers and Oerlikon Schlafhorst and Saurer became Natural Fibers whereas the Textile Component business remained untouched.

For 2012 Oerlikon Textile the management is expecting a slightly improved profitability thanks to further performance improvements, on the other hand sales are expected to be slightly lower, especially due to a further declining of sales in Natural Fiber whereas growth is expected in Manmade Fibers and a stable business for Textile Components.

To complete the picture, the Oerlikon Group increased 2011 its sales from CHF 3601 to CHF 4182 million or + 16 %, order intake dropped 11 % to CHF 4043 (CHF 4520) million and order backlog fell by 13 % to CHF 1481 (CHF 1702) million and net profit increased from CHF 5 to CHF 224 million and the number of staff from 16657 to 17227. The EBIT margin amounted to 10 %.


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