British Huddersfield is the centre of finest wool fabrics

British Huddersfield is the centre of finest wool fabrics

If you are looking at exclusive fine wool fabrics and tailor made suits then you should have a look at what Belgian Scabal has to offer

The Savile-Row Quality Belgian provider is not only offering tailor made suits but it owns since 1973 also the fabric manufacturer, the weaver Bower Roebuck in Huddersfield (GB) who provides exclusive fabrics with dust of diamonds, feather light worsted yarns of hand sorted Vicuna wool, pinstripe qualities made of individual personal logos. The finest woollen threads are only 12 micro meters strong and are stocked under cool and humid conditions and a bobbin has a value up to GBP 1000 and a fabric made out of this finest quality has a price tag von around GBP 600 to GP 1000 per meter. Every step of the complex and exclusive production is undergoing quality control and the finishing is outsourced to a highly qualifying specialist. 30 % of the production is for Scabal and 70 % are – among others – contracted by companies such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Prada. Scabal customers are for example US President Barack Obama and soccer player David Beckham.

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