Shenzhen’s focus on fashion

Shenzhen’s focus on fashion

The city of Shenzhen (PRC) is the home of over 2500 garment firms giving employment to around 350000 persons. There are also around 800 brands and labels. A trade delegation – headed by the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association – visited 2011 France, Italy and Great Britain

The garment industry of Shenzhen sells domestically and internationally. The export value is around USD 10 billion and some designer labels are already present at international fashion exhibitions.

In order to have a joint platform a new fashion cluster has been built in the Bao’an District and the top garment brands like Misfrolg, Ellassay, Kaltendin and others are implanted there. The cluster consists of four functional zones, including an industrial zone, recreation, tourism (a park of two square km is under construction and represents an investment of CNY 100 million). One zone is the home of modern garment design, R&D and manufacturing. There is also a fashion college and offers opportunities for start-up companies in the fashion field.

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