Increased cotton exports in the ongoing season

Increased cotton exports in the ongoing season

According to the February figures of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service several cotton producing countries will have more cotton for export purposes available in the ongoing season

In the former season of 2010-11 the U.S.A. exported close to 14.38 million bales and in the actual season it is expected that there will be only – contrary to the trend in other producer countries – 11.00 million bales earmarked for export. In the former season India exported 5.1 million bales and for this season there will be 6.25 million bales for export. Australia exported 2010-11 2.51 million bales and will deliver 4 million bales for export. Brazil has exported 2 million bales and will make actually 3.9 million bales available whereas Uzbekistan had 2.65 million bales exported and will now have 2.7 million bales. Also other countries will increase their export volume from 9.11 million bales to around 9.57 million bales – amongst Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan and Malaysia contributing each 100000 bales more – and therefore the export business volume will increase globally from around 35.75 to 37.42 million bales.

On the other hand also cotton imports are raising most of all because of China with an increase from the former to the actual season or from around 11.98 to 17.00 million bales whereas others import less such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia and Pakistan. Total seasonal imports will thus grow from around 35.69 to 37.42 million bales.

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