Fashion might endanger your health

Fashion might endanger your health

Too tight jeans, belts, shirts, ties and wearing high heels might seriously endanger your health

The textile industry takes the utmost care to protect the end user from harmful substances in using sustainable manufacturing and finishing methods and on the other hand the fashion industries are promoting fashion attitudes that lead to endanger the health of the wearer.

Wearing tight or shaping fashion items such as clothes, underwear, tight belts, jeans, shirts and ties might not only create a general bad feeling of your body but lead to various health risks such as numbness of some parts of your body, compression of important nerves giving wrong signals to your brain and creating damage to your intestinal tract or provoking back or hip pains. The female wearing of high heels destructs or intimidates the structure of the feet, its nerves and muscles, also causing shortened tendons and back and hip pains. The wrong size bra causes breast pain, back strain. It can cut into your flesh and on the long run it can lead to breast cancer. If men wear too tight boxers or briefs this affects their fertility.

Other hazards are allergies to fabrics and detergents and accessories where you might hurt yourself by making use of them, such as zippers and badly designed decorative elements.

Thus flying, driving a car and housekeeping are known to be somewhat risky and dangerous but the consumer does not associate fashion in the same manner, however the dangers exists and still persists.

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