Convertible Porsche with new fabric top

Convertible Porsche with new fabric top

Newly launched Porsche 911 Carrera convertible disposes of a top made of fabric and might launch a new retro trend

For quite some time different materials (metal, plastic, composites) for the top of convertible sports cars have been applied. The Porsche development team has developed a composite top in layers for the new Porsche 911. The bottom layer is made of magnesium plates thus allowing a reduction of almost eight kilos in weight. The next layer contains noise isolation materials and then follows the fold up fabric top in four parts to form finally the complete and solidly fasted outer top. The fold up top is placing itself in 13 seconds neatly behind the rear auxiliary seats thus needing a lot less space than other systems used. The solidity of this construction permits that the driver can use the opening or closing button up to 50 km/h but technicians from Porsche tested the mechanism at 100 km/h successfully in the wind channel. According to in-house information it equals almost the qualities of a Porsche Carrera Coupé with fixed top.

The newly designed Porsche top might present a new trend in the automotive industry to use again high tech fabric for tops of convertibles.

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