A closer look at the latest results of U.S. retailing

A closer look at the latest results of U.S. retailing

If one compares January 2012 with January 2011 results it becomes evident that American consumer spending was weaker than expected

In January 2011 retail and food services increased by 5.8 % whereas compared to December 2011 they tended only 0.4 % higher and in total (excluding motor vehicles and parts) the rise in January 2011 was 5.5 % and January 2012 against December 2011 resulted only in a plus of 0.7 %. Clothing and accessories remained more or less at the same level and furniture and home furnishing dropped by 0.2% in the same period whereas in January 2011 these increased by 5.3 %, respectively 7.8 %.

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