ISO Standards are advancing

ISO Standards are advancing

ISO International Standardisation Organisation reports impressive figures for 2011 proving that its ISO Standards are advancing in almost all branches of industries, government bodies thanks to the continuous effort to amend those standards to market requirements

ISO has 3335 technical bodies and 163 standards bodies and its yearly budget is around CHF 140 million and is financed by 38 member bodies holding committee secretariats, membership fees and by sales of publications and services.

1208 international standards and standards-type documents were published amounting to 75162 pages. In total there are 19023 international standards and standards-type documents or totally 749209 pages in English and French (terminology is additionally provided in other languages).

At the end of 2011 there were 1419 new projects registered and 4007 work items are on the agenda of the technical committees, 1094 work items are at preparatory stage, 1101 are committee drafts and 1812 have reached a status as draft or final draft international standards.

618 international organisations have been in contact with ISO technical committees and sub committees.

On the website users find 19023 bibliographic data items on ISO International Standards and 4007 bibliographic data items on draft ISO International Standards. Through ISO Online, by accessing World Standards Services Network (WSSN) additional information on standardization developments within a number of international, regional and national standardizing bodies and on some bibliographic data related to 700000 standards, technical regulations and other standards-type documents from all over the world can be had.

Textile relevant information can be found under materials technologies namely textile and leather technology, clothing industry, chemical technology and paint and colour industries. Technical Textiles for construction can be found under construction materials and building and civil engineering.

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