Considerable organic growth

Considerable organic growth

American VF (Vanity Fair) in its own view is a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel with more than 30 brands and the top sic brands are The North Face®, Wrangler®, Timberland® (new acquisition), Vans®, Lee® and Nautica.

VF Corporation – including its new addition Timberland – reports for the fourth quarter of 2011 record revenues of USD 2.9 million and thereof USD 549 million resulted from Timberland and organic growth amounted to more than one billion all of 2011 or 14 % to USD 8.7 billion.

Outdoor & Action Sports had revenues in the last quarter of USD 1.62 billion (USD 896.5 million) and totalled 2011 USD 4.56 (USD 3.20) billion, Jeanswear contributed in the last quarter USD 711.6 (688.5) million and all of 2011 USD 2.73 (2.54) billion, Imagewear contributed for the last quarter USD 256.77 (233.80) million and 2011 USD 1.03 billion (USD 909.40 million), Sportswear reports for the last quarter USD 159.52 (157.51) million and 2011 USD 543.52 (USD497.77) million and last but not least Contemporary Brands amounted in the last quarter to USD 128,94 (115.27) million. All these divisions contributed 2011 a profit of USD 1.48 (USD 1.25) billion.

The company is very optimistic for the ongoing year and expects that Outdoor & Action Sports will exceed 50% of total revenues projected to grow at a rate of 15% and Timberland is supposed to deliver a revenue of about one billion USD. The groups operating margin is expected to grow from 13.6 to 14.0 %. The entire business year will show further considerable organic growth and international business will contribute 25 to 30 % of total revenues. The cash flow from operations is expected to exceed USD 1.1 billion.

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