Worth reading

Worth reading

More impurities in cotton

ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation (CH) has just released its Cotton Contamination Survey 2011 and notes that the level of foreign matters, stickiness and seed-coat fragments has been increasing since 2009.

However there is to differentiate, the contamination of cotton rose slightly from 22 to 23 % and seriously contaminated qualities amounted to 7 % (6 %) and 16% (15 %) was only moderately contaminated.

Stickiness provides a different picture and is rising from 16 % to 20 % but remains under the level of a long-term average.

Also seed-coat fragments are more frequently noted by cotton spinners as 38 % (31 %) indicated that they were affronted with such impurities.

More details and the entire survey can be downloaded from the following web address.


Worldwide yarn and fabric manufacturing

According to ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation the global yarn and fabric manufacturing tends upwards since the third quarter of 2011 and this trend continues also in the fourth quarter however with regional differences.

We add that this will be also the actual trend in the first quarter of 2012 especially with improving yarn price levels and low inventories. Turn to the website below for more details.


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