Quality controlled fancy yarns

Quality controlled fancy yarns

Indian Arvind Ltd. is according to in-house information one of the world’s leading manufacturer of denim with a yearly production of more than 40’000 t and it makes use of Swiss Uster® TESTER 5 for quality controlled fancy yarn qualities.

Arvind provides denim for leading brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler, Diesel, GAP, H &M, Walmart, Marks & Spencer and J.C. Penney and the Indian company has become an expert in design, production and control of fancy yarns that also other manufacturers are looking for Arvind’s expertise for their own denim ventures. Nitin Chokshi, Chief Manager, Quality Asssurance and head of Fibre/Yarn/Fabric Testing Lab confirms that testing is vital to evaluate the relationship between cotton fibre parameters and the slub creation process for a continuous and reliable control of the yarn production process. USTER TESTER 5 offers a new standard for slub yarn measurement and its software allows a displayed spectrogram with removed slubs permitting that the yarn can be checked for periodic faults and the mass diagrams will reveal potential damaging at long distances in the yarn where slubs are missing.

Uster Tester 5

More technical details are to be had from the website below.


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