Harsh protesting reaction

Harsh protesting reaction

Euratex, the umbrella organisation of European clothing and textile manufacturers, respectively its President Alberto Paccanelli takes a firm stand against the waiver for Pakistan as approved by WTO World Trade Organisation.

The waiver would allow Pakistani textile and clothing products a duty free access to the EU market. Euratex has been fighting this decision because it undermines the interests of its members but also of the EU market and would be beneficial to one of its strongest competitor because Pakistan is the world leading exporter of such goods and a dominant supplier to the EU market. The provided 15 products listed in the waiver have already a share of 40 % of Extra-EU imports and in for some the share is well above 80 %.

Euratex President protests

All of that does not justify a waiver two years after the flooding in Pakistan. As an emergency assistance the EU already granted to Pakistan an amount of over EUR 423 million. Still suffering Pakistani will not benefit from the waiver but some large and very competitive textile companies will ripe the profit and this to the disadvantage of EU companies suffering already from the worst financial and economic crisis.

Euratex President Paccanelli urges the EU Council and policy makers that for all cited reasons the waiver proposal should be rejected in order to protect the interests of the two important industrial sectors.


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