Support for Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Support for Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Euratex, the umbrella organisation for the European Apparel and Textile industry is advocating a fair world trade system for SMEs and their employees as a strong and efficient instrument for protecting creativity and innovation

Euratex urge the European Parliament to vote in favour of ACTA the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and urges those EU member states having not yet ratified this agreement to follow the 22 countries who have accepted ACTA in the interest of their enterprises, employees and citizens.

In 2010 7.8 million articles were sized by EU customs. EU clothing and labels related to textile represented thereof 7% representing a value of around EUR 178 million for clothing and another EUR 25.3 million for clothing accessories. 25.93 % of the cases in postal traffic were referring to clothing.

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