Chinese product piracy busted by German court

Chinese product piracy busted by German court

Hungarian Julius-K9 a young and dynamic textile company – has launched new products such as harnesses for police or rescue dogs with great success. The K9 harness for dogs are called also “talking harnesses”

In Austria such harnesses for police dogs were used for awareness purposes but also as uniforms for the dogs. The product allows the application of various identification tags to be secured by hook fastener and this possibility was part of the success to sell within a few years more than 10000 pieces a month. The development work is done in Hungary and the manufacturing materials derive from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 Julius K-9 dog harnesses

The success of these products was witnessed also in China and promptly the products were counterfeited by Chinese firms. The originating company made several claims at courts in various European countries against distributors of such imitated products and against the proprietor of the brand name “DOXLOCK” because of infringement of Julius-K9 products. Last November also the Supreme Court of the State in Cologne confirmed a ruling by the lower court and the distribution of DOXLOCK harness in Germany has been prohibited if they coincide with the original Julius-K9 power harnesses.

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