The world’s smallest Barcode scanner

The world’s smallest Barcode scanner

Swiss ARP – according to in-house information the company is one of the leading European supplier of computer accessories for business customers – is launching two very small and handy Barcode mini-scanners fitting in your pocket and to be applied wherever needed.

There are two versions available of these two scanners, one with USB and one wireless version with Bluetooth. The scanner weighs only 10 grams and is even smaller in size as most known USB sticks. It can be applied in offices, in warehouses and labours but also by the sales force or for schooling, it just has to be connected at the USB Port and it is ready for scanning. Even when room is scarce it allows to scan quickly and comfortable products as well as labels.

The wireless version allows supplementary flexibility as it has not to be connected to a computer. The data is transferred wireless via Bluetooth from the mini scanner to the computer or mobile equipment such as tablets and smart phones and an application within a reach of 10 meters is guaranteed. The integrated accumulator secures up to eight hours activities and can be recharged with the delivered USB cable. No matter if EAN, code 39, industrial 2/5 or code 128 both types of mini scanner register all 1D-codes quickly and accurate. The two models dispose also of a continuous scan function for permanent scanning allowing supplemental applications.

Technical data of the mini scanners and other types of barcode scanners can be had from the web-address below.

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