Designer lines do have real faces

Designer lines do have real faces

Barneys in New York launches its spring lady clothing lines under the motto “Tree Time”. Mario Sorrenti is the photographer to personalise the faces, namely Peneleope Tree and seven other women of individual talents and beauty

Photographer Richard Avedon discovered in 1966 Penelope Tree and revolutionised the world of fashion in showing her beauty in a new manner and representing the swinging sixties with the first publication in fashion magazine Vogue. Tree started to be interested in Buddhism in the 1980’s with working with Khyentse Foundation praising the wisdom of this religious philosophy and by entering in a cooperation with Lotus Outreach, a charity organisation to assist endangered women and their children in Cambodia and India.

Each of the women presented in the campaign to be seen in the show cases of Barneys on Madison Avenue and other locations as well as in the spring catalogue have a unique career and personality.

Jane Aldrige is a self declared shoe addict and started her own blog at age 15 five years ago. She creates photo-buttons in her own designed look combining classical and modern fashion.

Sybil Buck’s professional career is outstanding. Her particular look made her in the 1990’s a model on demand by Gaultier und Saint Laurent. The became bassist and singer for alternative rock bands and she lives with her husband, daughter and musician colleges in the Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles, California and works as a yoga teacher.

Sofia Sanchez a native from Argentina lives since three years in New York and was working for Mario Sorrenti and then became art director in the fashion and beauty industry.

Julia Sarr-Jamois from London /GB) is half Senegalese and half French and has a very daring feeling for style and is very demanded by street style photographers.

Jessica Saund is a member of the Corps de Ballet at the American Ballet Theater and was formerly employed with the English National Ballet. She is a passionate dancer and musician and she prefers romantic ballets.

Sara Ruba is model and musician from a small town in Canada. She moved to New York City to start a career as photo model before she created jointly with her spouse Adam Pavao the electronic pop band “New Look”.

Marine Vacth from Paris became model by accident, she was discovered by a model agent while she was seeking protection from rain in a shop and the in a similar manner this holds also for career as actress when she debuted in the French movie “My slice of the cake” and a second one is to follow.

The luxury sales points of Barneys are to be found besides of New York City in American locations such as Beverly Hills, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Scottsdale. The company was founded in Manhattan 1923 with lines for men and since the 1970’s for both sexes – including accessories, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics – and presenting oeuvres from top designers around the globe.

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