Larger stake

Larger stake

Japanese Toyota Industries Corporation has increased its stake in Swiss Uster Technologies AG (quality control) by the previously announced acquisition of the shares held by Group Alpha.

With the completion of this transaction Toyota will own 50.34 % of all public shares of Uster and Toyota confirmed to the board of directors of Uster that it will make the public offering for all outstanding shares within the statutory deadline (Febr. 29, 2012).

Up to date Toyota sticks with his initial offering paying CHF 38 per share however Uster voices the opinion that this does not reflect the value of the company and financial analysts consider CHF 50 a fair price for the company’s shares. It is not known if Toyota’s future formal offering will reflect the higher price. In any case, Uster officials recommend their public shareholders to wait and not to take any action before the board officially communicates its response to Toyota’s official offering at the end of February.

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