Smart customers opt for smart quality yarn clearing

Smart customers opt for smart quality yarn clearing

Swiss USTER Technologies has a tremendous success with the latest USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers because it eliminates unnecessary cuts, helps to offer highest productivity and saves costs

60 mills in South East Asia have already taken advantage by acquiring USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers to equip their automatic winding machines. Increasing quality awareness in the region and especially in Bangladesh has made this success for USTER possible. The yarn clearer is now at the centre of interest at the DTG 2012 exhibition in Dhaka (Febr. 9 -15, 2012) because the product offers total control of the clearing process. Cuts are an important cost factor and USTER has done some research on the impact of cuts. The findings: five cuts per 100 km of running yarn on the winder accounts for up to one percent loss of productivity. By taking a sample, e.g. a NEC 40 yarn count, running on 600 winding positions at a speed of 1100 m/min and at yarn selling price of USD 5.8 per kilogram and a splice time of eight seconds the initial clearing level of 65 cuts (incl. Both mass and contamination faults) was reduced to one cut per 100 km. The result for all machines: Annual savings of USD 42000. By applying optimized vegetable matter detection there will be higher results. Regional spinners are focussing on global export markets and are confronted with higher quality requirements and because highly qualified help is not always available the spinners rely on USTER® QUANTUM 3 to analyse quality parameters and providing the perfect management of the critical stage of the yarn-making process without increasing the number or the qualifications of its operators and saving additionally energy costs.

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