Success for new weaving machines for Technical Textiles

Success for new weaving machines for Technical Textiles

Belgian weaving machine manufacturer Picanol confirms the successful market introduction of its new weaving solutions for Technical Textile

Around half a year after the presentation at ITMA Picanol registers various orders for the new super wide OptiMax flexible rapier machine equipped with positive gripper offering a high flexibility and user friendliness for weavers of Technical Textiles. Already at ITMA in Barcelona several contracts for 540 cm wide machines were concluded for applications for coating fabrics, conveyor belt and carpet backings and in the following months also positive gripper machines were ordered, both wide and smaller widths. OptiMax is destined also for stiff and bulky technical yarns at maximum industrial speed.

OMNIplus Summum0036


The other novelty, OMNIplus Summum (Latin for top or ultimate best) air jet weaving machine – running at ITMA a high speed filament style at 2011 rpm is recording also great interest because it is able to serve also technical styles like parachute and car seat fabrics. It replaces the former Omni series of Picanol airjets and in particular Picanol OMNIplus 800. Thanks to new and future-oriented electronics and a completely new insertion system featuring full electronic pressure regulation as well as a triple air tank for the relay nozzles operating speeds are boosted by these features whilst offering at the same lower power consumption and a wide field of applications. The field tests were exceeding the expectations of the designers and the results are so convincing that customers placed the machine on order prior to the conclusion of the confirming field tests. The first installations are already performing in the respective customer mills.

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