Better prospects for textile machinery

Better prospects for textile machinery

Because of better yarn prices and a more positive general outlook some financial analysts predict an increasing volume for spinning machinery in 2013 but less sales during 2012 as compared to 2011

The newest one comes from Swiss Helvea revising its net sales estimates for Oerlikon Textile (Swiss/German group with new headquarters during 2012 in Shanghai, China) for 2013 from CHF 1520 million to new CHF 1670 million or plus 10% and an increasing operating (EBIT) result by 31% or from CHF 80 million to CHF 105 million. For 2012 the turnover estimates remain unchanged at CHF 1600 million (-17%) and EBIT at CHF 90 million. The background for the better outlook is based on the founded assumption that there are more positive developments in the global yarn markets and particularly for natural fibres and better price levels permitting increasing investments in textile machinery to be ordered in 2012 and delivered in 2013.

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