Impressive energy saving heat recovery system

Impressive energy saving heat recovery system

Three prominent Italian textile manufacturers are reporting production results showing significant energy savings thanks to their installed Monforts Montex 6500 stenters equipped with the Monforts heat recovery system.

The three Italian textile manufacturers, Giovanni Clerici & Figlia SpA, TMR Cederna and Tintea have fitted the new energy efficient Monforts heat recovery system fitted to their already installed Montex 6500 stenters.

The integrated heat recovery system forms part of Monforts explicit effort to reduce energy consumption in the textile industry. This heat recovery system is now fitted as a standard to all its Montex 6500 stenters.

Giovanni Clerici & Figli SpA has been making use of the Monforts heating recovery system over the past 18 months and registered a large reduction in gas consumption, without the system its non-Monforts 6-chamber stenter operated at its Gallarate facility has been consuming 83 m3/h and if evaluated as an 8-chamber unit this equates as 111 m3/h, however Clerici’s 8-chamber Montex 6500 with heat recovery is just consuming 55 m3/h thus allowing gas savings of 56 m3/h.

Lining fashion wear producer TMR Cederna Fodere SpA has one Montex 5000 stenter without the system, and one Montex 6500 fitted with the heat recovery reports equally stunning results. The 5-chamber Montex 5000 consumes 37 m3/h and if operating as an 8-chamber stenter it equates at 59 m3/h whereas gas consumption in the 8-chamber Montex 6500 is just 28 m3/h.

Also dye house specialist Tintea was running two identical 2000 m long batches through its 8-chamber Montex stenter, one batch with and one without heat recovery. The result of the one using the heat recovery system provided a 20 % gas saving.

Further technical information on Monforts energy saving heat recovery system can be had from the following internet address.

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