Preliminary estimates on Rieter’s 2011 results

Preliminary estimates on Rieter’s 2011 results

Based upon a meeting with the financial community some weeks ago and projections by Swiss Helvea Equity Research we will give you already today an idea of Swiss Rieter’s 2011 textile machinery business in view to order intake and sales situation. Rieter will publish the preliminary 2011 figures tomorrow and the detailed results will be presented at a press conference on March 21, 2012

The analyst from Helvea is estimating that the new order volume in 2011 for Spun Yarn Systems will decrease by 34.1 % or From CHF 1217.9 million to CHF 802.7 million. Already the nine months order results were tending in this direction. Also the second division Premium Textile Components will have to show less order intake in the order of 7.1 % or from CHF 235.2 million to CHF 218.6 million. By contrast total proceeds for both divisions will increase by 25 % or from CHF 870.4 million to CHF 1’087.8 million. Sales for Spun Yarn Systems are expected to rise by 29.8 % or from CHF 674.0 million auf CHF 875.1 million whereas Premium Textile Components are earmarked for a growth of 11.6 % or from CHF 190.6 million to CHF 212.7 million.

It has to be added that actually and based upon TextileFuture Quick Survey results the year ahead might turnout better than expected only two months ago and Rieter’s customers might be more inclined to order the state of the art spinning machinery because, as we explained before, they suppose that the prices for raw materials such as cotton and polyester will ease but of course also the debt crises has to be under control to allow a brightening of the horizon.

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