Ecological answer to repel water

Ecological answer to repel water

Swiss Schoeller Technologies is always at the state of the art ecological technology and offers now a new answer on how to repel water. The new finish was launched at ISPO in Munich (D)


The new repellent textile finish from Schoeller Technologies is called ecorepel® and biomimics are offering the natural impregnation water repellent function by imitating nature (e.g. ducks, swans) as highly functional, odourless and by offering a high-tech finish based on long biodegradable paraffin chains (not containing any fluorocarbons!) wrapping themselves in a very fine film and spiral-like around individual fibres, filaments or yarns thus reducing the surfaced tension in a way that water droplets and even mud with significantly higher surface tension just run off. The breathability is untouched and the feel remains pleasantly soft.

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