New technology finds new partners

New technology finds new partners

American globally operating Dow Corning (manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, Elastomer, emulsions, fluids, etc and serving a broad range of industries amongst also the textile, fashion and clothing industries) is lately promoting its new Deflexion® technology as a patent-pending silicone-based impact protection textile for apparel designers to create tailored, customized impact protection gear for action sports athletes. Another version serves insole for footwear and was launched at ISPO Munich (January 29 to February 1). Dow Corning is jointly owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Inc., offering over 7000 different products and services under the Dow Corning® and Xiameter® brand to around 25000 global customers.

Deflexion® for apparel application is flexible and breathable and gives athletes the freedom of movement and comfort but not compromising on the level of impact protection provided, no matter if it is hot or cold or wet. The impact protection textiles can be easily cut into different shapes or built up in layers and applied exactly where the impact protection is needed. Dow Corning is teaming up with action sports athletes Xavier de la Rue (professional snowboarder) and Matt Crowhurst (professional wakeborder) to demonstrate how the new technology can be used. More information on the technology is available on the first website and on the companies and other products further below.

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