Patented sustainability standard and more

Patented sustainability standard and more

Bluesign®, bluetool and bluesign®bluefinder are now patented and they represent the most used standard for sustainable textiles including chemical agents and the two unique online applications are now patented. According to in-house information secures this move permanently the development of the bluesign® system.

Bluesign® bluetool is a web-based application for the evaluation of textiles, chemicals, dyestuffs and auxiliaries based on consumer safety and environmental criteria according to the bluesign® standard substances list (BSSL).

The bluesign® bluefinder permits manufacturers of textiles and accessories the online search of bluesign® approved chemical products.

In 2011 the NGO Greenpeace launched a “Dirty Laundry” campaign asking brands mandatoray to “a commitment to zero discharge. In answer this call a “Joint Roadmap: Toward Zero Discharge of hazardous chemicals” was initiated and signed by important players such as adidas, C & A (clothing chain retailer), Li Ning, Nike, Inc. and Puma. Bluesign® affirms in this context that its exclusive standard applies to approved chemicals and components and with guaranteed minimum impact on ecosystems and human beings.


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