Worth reading

Worth reading

Under this title TextileFuture will publish from time to time a list of books, studies and publications of interest to our reader

The latest issue of the commercially available Textile Outlook International (see website below) from Textile Intelligence is focusing on the development of Brazil’s textile and clothing industry. In 2010 Brazil manufactured 2.25 million tons of textiles and 1.96 million tons of made-up products thus becoming the world’s fifth largest textile producer and fourth largest clothing manufacturer. From 2005 to 2010 the production of these two industrial sectors grew by 25.2 %.


Readers who wish to follow the future of Technical Textiles might be interested to buy the projections for the world markets under the title “World Marktes for Technical Textiles to 2017” providing information (including extended tables) on downstream demand and on technological factors that are likely to influence demand for fibres and raw materials. The report has been researched and written by the internationally renowned organisation European Man-Made Fibres Association CIRFS, published by International Newsletters. More details can be had from the following webaddress.


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