Warping technical yarns to perfection

Warping technical yarns to perfection

Especially processing technical yarns is clearly a very demanding stage of manufacturing and also efficiency and flexibility is required. The Opt-O-Matic sectional warping machine from German textile machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer might offer the right answers

The Op-O-Matic sectional warping machine (for production warps) offers operating and working widths of 2000 to 5400 mm and band widths of 850mm, 650 mm and 500 mm. For yarn tension a range of 50 N to 40000 N can be applied for a wide range of functional yarns during beaming and at maximum speeds of 300 m/min or 500 m/min according to types of motor and drives. During warping typical maximum speed is 1000 m/min and yarn tension either at 800 N or 1600 N. More specific data – including information of three types of creel and MULTITENS yarn tension apparatus – can be had from the following internet link.


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