China is in 2012 exports optimistic on textiles

China is in 2012 export optimistic on textiles

Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is optimistic on textile exports in 2012 despite the economic slowdown in Europe and America but recognises that there will be challenges ahead

China’s textile industry exports showed up to November 2011 and on a yearly basis a growth rate of 24 % to USD 86.4 billion, thus levelling the drawback of 4.8 % for the first half year of 2011. Over 11 months also revenues increased by 27.4 % and industrial output 10.5 %. On the other hand smaller textile companies were 28.7 % less profitable and the total losses registered were 75.9 % higher against the same period of 2010 resulting from less order volumes and lowering costs in order to gain market share, critical is also their technological progress and business model both do not coincide with the external changing framework remarks MIIT. The Ministry emphasises also the the domestic Chinese market will play 2012 a more important role for the textile and clothing industry.

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