Maintaining the spectrophotometers accuracy

Maintaining the spectrophotometers accuracy

U.S. X-Rite (also design industry colour leader Pantone Inc. belongs to the company), according to in-house information the global leader in colour science and technology leader recently launched it NetProfiler 3.0 software for customers using handheld spectrophotometers in industrial and graphic arts markets

With the new NetProfiler 3.0 it is possible to calibrate spectrophotometers in design departments, on factory floors and in test labs to a single virtual standard and allowing that colour measurements taken at distant locations are accurate and reliable throughout the supply chain. Already former versions of NetProfiler are used in standard procedures in textiles, plastics, packaging and coatings industries to optimize the performance of bench-top spectrophotometers. The latter show some data drift due to age and use. Additionally the product is destined to maintain accuracy and consistence. The new NetProfiler 3.0 includes a profiling solution for graphics arts workflow and allows broad possibilities as can be had from the website below.

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