Legal action against alleged Lyocell/Tencel® patent violation

Legal action against alleged Lyocell/Tencel® patent violation

In a super provisional legal act Austrian Lenzing AG prevents One-A Engineering Austria GmbH – owned by four former Lenzing-Lyocell employees – from making illegal use of the patented Lenzing Lyocell spinning technology

Lenzing is owning processing patents starting after the forming procedure in the spinning device then the Lyocell spinning solution will be released into an air gap of special gas or air stream, allowing the constant and high quality of Lyocell fibres and thus the protected production process may not be used by third parties without Lenzing’s permission or approval. In consequence, manufactured fibres in accordance with this described process cannot be uses, offered for sale or sold without the specific consent by Lenzing.

One-A Engineering is in possession of an engineering contract from Chinese Baoding Swan Ltd and Lenzing was made aware of this within the context of a search warrant issued by the Vienna Commercial Court and executed at the offices of One-A Engineering. Under the preliminary court rule, One-A Engineering is not permitted to teach other individuals or parties, in particular to Baoding Swan Ltd. how to use the Lenzing patent-protected processes or supporting them in using this process. Further ruling relates to the supply of know-how, project concepts, process descriptions and plant design, including a ban on drafts and plans (such as technical drawings), process instructions and instruction manuals for plants, equipment and components as well as the provision of engineering and technical services.

Lenzing declares that it will undertake uncompromising action against any and every violation of its patent rights at any time.

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