Decreasing textile machinery turnovers

Decreasing textile machinery turnovers

After some industry presentations to the Swiss financial community and helvea equity research in particular, the analysts expect decreasing textile machinery turnovers for Swiss Oerlikon Textile and Rieter in 2012.

The forecast for Oerlikon Textile in the ongoing year is a draw back of around 9% mainly due to the textile and natural fibre market whereas the man-made business remains at high levels.

The forecast for Rieter is less earmarked but it will decrease from the estimated 2011 turnover level of CHF 1088 million to CHF 1069 million in 2012 and along with an also lower operational result (EBITDA ) decreasing from estimated 146 million to 116 million. But there are new growth possibilities by further acquisitions of world-class brands at the PTC Premium Textile Components Division.

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