Swiss initiative to throw light on textile successes

Swiss initiative to throw light on textile successes

A new award “The golden velvet” for innovating filming presentation has been created by Swiss Textile Federation in order to provide the right limelight for successful Swiss textile companies and their pioneering aspects.

Around 200 member companies were invited to submit their pioneering innovative projects to a technical jury and on December 15th 2011. Six of those projects were elected to illuminate the innovation potential of the Swiss textile industry.

Now young talented and creative film students from relevant technical universities in Switzerland are sought to put those projects into the absolute limelight of creativity. Another experienced film jury will try to find the three best film interpretation of these textile pioneering projects such as a rope with integrated shock-absorber, solar fabric, iLoad®(carrier fabrics), Swiss Cotton®Rainbow (a revolutionary dyeing technology), Smellproof®Plus + Strechcol® (shirts offering smell proof and including outstanding collar wear comfort), interior embroidery (application of embroidery techniques in view to esthetic, functional and combinatory characteristics).

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