10000 Indians get training to become weavers

10000 Indians get training to become weavers

Jaipur Rugs Company, a leading Indian company to manufacture handmade (hand-knotted) rugs in India makes its promise to Business Call to Action (BCtA) true – a global initiative challenging companies to develop inclusive business models incorporating a potential for development impact combined with commercial success – and will train additionally around 10000 low-income Indians to become talented weavers.

In India there are 2.5 million artisans weaving rugs (thereof 60% are women), they are poorly paid and in recent years they have seen their wages decreasing due to contractors imposing unfair pricing practices when purchasing carpets at the village level.

The Indian government has initiated a plan to enhance the important hand loom sector. The mentioned global BCtA initiative provoked the move by Jaipur Rugs Company to instruct and train some 10000 people in northern India (in Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh und Rajasthan) in a one month course in advanced carpet weaving techniques and provide them with access to global markets by 2015. Talented and exceptional carpet making skilled people will continue further training in order to train and manage other weavers in their village. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) reports that around 17 % of men and 66 percent of women in rural villages are unemployed and the employed 30% of men and 36 % of females live below the poverty line.

Already before, Jaipur Rugs provided training to more than 28000 low-income home-based weavers and additional 12000 wool spinners and dyers. Trained and by Jaipur Rugs trained weavers earn an average of USD 300 – USD 500 additional per year than unskilled artisans.





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