Chinese tourists on spending spree

Chinese tourists on spending spree

It is a fact that Chinese tourists are flocking into Europe and the U.S. and are on a spending spree for luxury items but also getting the best value for money

In Switzerland Chinese tourists buy branded goods and foremost wrist watches, jewellery, hand bags and international clothing brands. A couple is spending up to CHF 20’000 and these affluent young Chinese are not only buying for themselves but also gifts for their families and friends. They state that buying outside of China is cheaper and helps to save high import and luxury tax and on top the added value tax is reimbursed.

In America they often frequent factory outlets especially in California and at Premium outlets where lines of international designer brands are at bargain prices. The same goes for Coach and other brands handbags, Samsonite and Louis Vuitton cases, perfume, shoes and sporting goods to name just a few.

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