Declining economies provoke less air freight

Declining economies provoke less air freight

The slowing down worldwide trade provokes also less global air freight volume and business profits are on decline.

In October 2011 there was still an increase of 1.1 % global air freight but on an annual basis in November there was a drop by 3.1 % reported by the international Air Transport Association (IATA). The international business fell 3.8% and goes hand in hand with falling business confidence however an offset of 2.0 % growth resulted in domestic air freight. The cargo capacities have been reduced due to decreasing load factors.

Asia-Pacific carriers are affected to a large extent (-6.4%) by the falling demand for Asian manufactured goods from American and European consumers. Also European carriers lost 4.6 % freight volume whereas North American carriers had 0.2 % growth. 4.6 % more booked Middle East and 4.0 %, Latin America carriers whereas the African carriers’ volume decreased by 1.7 %.

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