DyStars first sustainability report

DyStars first sustainability report

In December 2011 DyStar (Singapore) – the specialist for textile colorants and chemicals -delivered its first sustainability report (2010) and entailing in depth information on its sustainable product ranges and services, covering REACH compliance, questions and answers regarding energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, wastewater, waste, occupational health and safety, employees and economic performance.

The report is destined to an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders as well as customers and was created as a forum for ideas and to suggest improvements.

DyStar reports in challenging 2011 a good business with the introduction of many new or extended products, these are ecologically friendly and sustainable.

In China DyStar entered a new partnership with ANTA and in cooperation with Becatron AG and Lilienweiss GmbH with an online monitoring system for Indigo coloration. The other cooperation works with two of the largest European retailers with the aim to upgrade the performance of their suppliers in India. Colour Solutions has completed a partnership with Stylesight, a global online trend service and by expanding the Stylesight colour library with giving access to the SCI ColourWall TM and a new partnership with Sun Chemicals was launched to provide a Brand Colour Standards program to assure the brand colour consistency and to maintain it across all possible packaging substrates and pressures across the world.

2012 will see the launching year of more products and services and DyStar declares that the new shareholders (Longsheng Group) have put the company in a strong position with a healthy inventory situation to allow further international growth and to further develop its auxiliary business in local markets.


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